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  • Tuition fees should be paid before class opens.

  • For existing students: For existing students who wish to continue next term, tuition fees should be made 7 days in advance before the new term begins.

  • Fees must be paid in full before students may attend classes. We reserve the right to refuse entry to students if fees have not been paid on or before the first date of each term.

  • An extra HKD200 will be charged for each change you may make to courses within term time or before your child’s first class

  • Class fees cannot be transferred to another student(s) or to a later date under any circumstances.

  • Class fee refunded can be if:

    • Not enough students for opening a new class

    • Tutor is absent

  • Students are NOT necessary to wear neverland kid tee in class except Kiddy Dance Class students.

  • Kiddy Dance Class students need to wear neverland kid tee during class.

  • Student should follow school wearing instruction:

  • Should wear sporty tee and pants; elastic materials wardrobe; sporty shoes (NOT soccer shoes).

  • Should NOT wear skirt, dress, jeans

  • Should NOT wear any accessories

  • Neverland has right to NOT allow students take class if they refuse the wearing equipment

  • Students who join 2 months classes can have 1 supplementary class. Supplementary class date and time should be decided with 30 days of absent day.

  • Students should notice school for absence before class begins, otherwise, no supplementary class can be made.

  • Make up class date and time is arranged by neverland. Student can only take same or below class grade from supplementary. If all available  dance class is full within 30 days from absent day, NO supplement class can be made.

  • Student CANNOT take and apply supplementary class again if students absence in scheduled supplementary class.

  • Decided supplementary class can re-scheduled by ONE time ONLY.

  • If dance studio needs to be closed compulsory because of the "Prevent and Control of Disease (requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises Regulation by HKSAR. All neverland kids academy dance class will be carried on by online "Zoom" Meeting Class.

  • All kid dance classes is non-refundable, CANNOT be extent until dance studio can be re-opened or any personal reason that NOT WILLING to join online class.

  • Trial classes are available in time slots that are not yet full with existing students.

  • Trial class fee should be paid before attending class.

  • New student can get special offer after joining trial class, please call us for detail. Terms & conditions are applied.

  • We would be happy to supply your child with a personal reference letter if they have been enrolled with us for a minimum of 6 months courses and if there is no outstanding balance payable in your account. Since every letter is personal to the child, we charge a nominal administration fee of HKD200 for this service. The relevant teachers complete a detailed reference form for the child and the Director or Head of Department prepares the reference.

  • We require up to four weeks to speak to the relevant teachers and prepare the reference letter. We shall call you when it is ready to be collected.


Safety Concern 

  • All participants and parents are responsible for their own safety.

  • All dance classes (sports) carry certain risks, and participants and parents need to understand and understand the existence of risks. For example, high energy movement such as Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Breaking, Popping etc. Non-contact sports may also cause injuries due to insufficient muscle mass. Therefore, neverland dance house requires participants to follow the instructions of the tutor/staff in charge to minimize the risk of injury and accidents.

  • Parents must personally pick up, take care of, and accompany their minor children. If they decide to let their children leave on their own, parents must notify the tutor/staff in charge of the arrangement.

  • Parents should ensure that kid students are physically and mentally fit for dance classes / activities. If students feeling unwell, need to stop immediately and inform the tutor/person in charge. neverland dance house will not be held responsible for any injury or other physical discomfort caused by parents/participants who fail to inform them that their physical conditions are not suitable for classroom activities.

  • neverland dance house shall not be responsible for any accident or injury to any participant or parent.

Property & Facilities

  • Participants and parents are required to keep their personal belongings by themselves. Neverland Dance House is not responsible for any damage or loss.


  • The information, pictures, exhibits and publications displayed on Neverland Dance House website are owned by Neverland Dance House.

  • Without the prior written authorization of Neverland Dance House, no modification, processing, adaptation, reproduction and distribution of Neverland Dance House's information for commercial or non-commercial use will be permitted. With written permission, neverland dance house must be identified as the source of information for non-commercial use.

  • While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, Neverland Dance House makes no warranty, express or implied, that such information is accurate. For any loss, destruction or damage (including but not limited to consequential loss, destruction or damage) arising out of or in connection with the use or misuse of or in reliance on any information provided on Neverland Dance House website or failure to use such information ), Neverland Dance House shall not assume any legal responsibility, obligation or liability.

  • Neverland Dance House reserves the right to modify any material on this website without prior notice.

  • Photography & Video Recording

  • Neverland will conduct photography and video recording at the venue. If participants do not wish to be photographed and videotaped, please notify the person in charge before the activity/class starts.

  • No person may shoot for commercial purposes without the written consent of neverland dance house and neverland kids academy.

  • Neverland reserves the right to use or reproduce these images and sounds for any purpose without payment to anyone.

  • Neverland Dance House (Neverland)  respect your legal rights of privacy when collecting, storing, using and transmitting personal data and this Personal Data (Privacy) Policy ( the “Policy” ) explains our privacy practices. Neverland pledges to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) (the “Ordinance”) of the Laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (“Hong Kong”). Please read this "Privacy Statement" carefully to understand our policy and practices regarding how your personal data will be treated. This Statement applies to users of our website (, the “Website” ). Throughout this Policy, the meaning of the term “personal data” is defined in the Ordinance.

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