Do you have Trial Class? 請問有沒有試堂?

Neverland does not have a free trial class, but members can purchase a single class coupon for a period of 2 months. Neverland 沒有免費試堂,但學員可以購買單堂套票,期限是12個月。 New members special offer will be launched in specific time, please follow neverland social media platform such as facebook and Instagram to get update information.

新學員更有首次購買套票優惠,請留意neverland 社交平台發佈或店內宣傳海報。

How much of class coupons? 請問課堂套票幾多錢?

Neverland has Single, 5 and 10 class coupons package. According to your member type, the coupon price will be different, the member types are Adults, College/University students, High School students. The validity period of the class package is calculated on the day of purchase. Each package has a different validity date. Neverland 設有單堂、5堂及10堂課堂套票讓大家選擇購買。根據你的類別,價錢會有不同,類別包括成人、大專生、中學生。 Please pay attention to the price list. Class coupons package is NON-RUNDABLE and it CANNOT be transferred to others. 課堂套票不設退款,不可以轉讓他人使用。 Class Coupons Pice List 套票價錢表 >> Please visit the following link: 請瀏覽以下連結:


What dance class do you have? 有甚麼舞蹈班?

We have different level and type of dance classes. Neverland 設有不同程度及舞種的舞蹈班。 Class Schedule 課堂時間表 >> Please visit the following link 請瀏覽以下連結:


How do new members sign up? 如何登記成為學員?

Online membership registration is updating in progress.

Please send Whatsapp message to us to get new member policy and terms.

線上登記正在更新,學員將來可在 neverland網頁登記。現在只需要發送Whatsapp訊息向我們申請成為學員,職員便會回覆訊息給您登記。

If you are a full time students, we need your student card for identification, otherwise, need to purchase coupons at Adult Price.


Whatsapp: +852 67570539

How to buy dance class coupons? 如何購買課堂套票?

We accept CASH, EPS, PAYME, FPS or bank transcation. Cheque and credit card is NOT accepted. 我們接受現金,易辦事, PAYME 及轉數快,您亦可使用自動櫃員機或網上銀行過數。 我們不接受支票及信用卡付款。 When we identifiy your member type, we will provide payment method to you accordingly. 當核實學員種類,我們便會提供入數方法。

Booking Class is Necessary?是否一定要預約上課?

YES! 需要! According to Gov policy, dance class vancacy need to be sat a limit. All classes need to be booked at this moment.

How to book dance classes? (Not for Neverland Kids Academy)

1. Need to purchase dance classes coupon.

2. Online Booking is updating, members can book online later

3. Book class by sending Whatsapp Message ( with Member no. Class Date. Time, Which Tutor)

4. Only accepted ONE DAY before booking.

5. We only reply and check Whatsapp booking in BOOKING TIME as below:

Mon-Fri: 5pm-10pm

Sat and Sun: 10am -7pm

6. Booking are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, and are confirmed by the Whatsapp message time. 7. Please Do not send other messages once you have send a "Booking Message". Otherwise, your message will be jumped to the back and our staff cannot check your booking at right time.

8. Staff will reply booking confirmation message to you. If class is full, staff will ask to mark in waiting list

Can I cancel my booking? Will my coupons be used? 預約課堂後,可否取消?會扣除套票嗎?

Booking can be cancelled before 2hrs of dance class by sending Whatsapp message.

Otherwise, class couponed will be deducted.

學員如果需要取消預約,必須在課堂開始前 2小時以 Whatsapp 通知,否則,課堂套票將會被扣除。

Can I use my dance class coupon after several days from purchasing date? 可否先買套票,遲些先用?

All dance class coupons should be used before expiry date, otherwise, it cannot be used.


Does Class Coupon have expiry date? What can I do if my class coupons are expired? 課堂套票有期限嗎?期限內仍然未用完,可以怎樣?

Class Coupons are vaild for 2 months and it is counted from purchasing date.


Member should use all dance class coupon within expiry date.

Expiry date can be extended if you purchase 5 class coupons or above within 7 days from expiry date. Otherwise, all dance class coupons CANNOT be used.


Can I extend my dance class expiry date if I get sick and I have approved medical document? 因為身體不適,需要入院治療,可以遞交醫生紙延期課堂嗎?

All dance class should be used within expiry date. We do not accept any reasons for extending class coupons expiry date.

Dance class coupon is NON-REFUNABLE and CANNOT pass to other students to use.


How many students in class? 每班上課人數有限制嗎?

Min 4 students to open class. Number of students are according to the requirements of the Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (Cap. 599F). 各舞蹈班最少四人開課。 每班人數上限將根據《預防及控制疾病(規定及指示)(業務及處所)規例》(第 599F 章)及其他適用條例及/ 或其附屬法例(下稱「適用法律」)的要求而設定。

I only take one tutor dance class. If it cannot open class, can I extend my class coupons? 我通常只上一名導師課堂,這兩星期人數不足,未能開班,可以延續課堂嗎?

Dance class coupons can be used for joining different regualr classes.

Members should use it within expiry date.


Which dance class should I join? I never learn dancing before. 我從來沒有學過跳舞/很久沒有跳舞,應該參加什麼班別?

Neverland have designed a dance class " Start to Dance" for those who never learn dancing.

Tutor will teach basic body movement, rhyme and beat counting, basic dance technique.

You also can join Hip Hop and Jazz Funk (Basic Level).

Neverland 歡迎任何人士參加neverland舞蹈班,所以亦設計了專為初學者而設的流行舞蹈班: Start To Dance (零基礎 Beginner ),Jazz Funk (基礎Basic)及Hip Hop Funk (基礎Basic)



Neverland Weekly Class每一堂都是個別課堂,老師都會教導新舞步,不會有插堂情況出現!


1. 學員可在課堂前十分鐘到達準備。

2. 穿著運動服裝,波鞋。(不可在舞室內穿著鞋、涼鞋、拖鞋等….)

3. 可自備飲品,neverland亦售賣飲品,可以在休息期間飲水。

4. 不可在舞室進食。

5. 除導師及職員准許下,才可拍攝

6. 貴重物品必須攜帶入舞室,學員有任何損失,一概不會負責。

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