Neverland 條款及細則

  1. 學員必須全數支付學費才可上堂
    Pull payment is necessary before attending classes.

  2. 課堂套票有效期: 1/5堂 (1個月) 10堂(2個月),超過有效期之套票將作廢
    1 and 5 Class coupon is valid for 1 month, 10 Classes Coupon is valid for 2 months, expired coupon can be extended.

  3. 學員可在課堂套票有效期後7天內購買5堂或以上套票,未使用的套票皆否續期多2個月
    Expired class coupons can be extended for 2 months if purchasing at least 5 class coupons within 7 days after expiry date.

  4. 所有基本課程均適合年滿13歲或以上人士參加 (兒童班除外)
    Members with the age of 13 or above are available to attend all regular classes, except neverland academy course.

  5. 請於上課前15分鐘到接待處辦理報名手續及繳費
    Sign-in or register before 15mins of each class.

  6. 請注意收據上的套票有效日期,過期之學額將不獲退款
    Be mindful to the expiration date in the receipt, no extensions or refunds after the expiration date.

  7. 已繳付之學費,除因特別注明的課程取消外,皆不設退款及不可轉讓他人使用
    Dance course fee is non-refundable except certain specific program/course cancellation and CANNOT be shared to the others.

  8. 如對課程進度或內容有疑問,歡迎在舞蹈室內觀課
    The studio has observation window. We recommend students audit a class before participating.

  9. 請注意每月上課時間,更改之時間將於Neverland Dance House 網頁、Facebook Page、Instagram或接待處出示
    Please notice the course time schedule of each month, the revised dance course schedule will be posted in Neverland Dance House webpage, facebook page, instagram and the notice board in reception.

  10. 請勿攜帶食物進入舞蹈室
    No food or drinks are allowed inside the studio.

  11. 請小心保管個人財物, Neverland Dance House Limited將不負責任何財物之失竊或損毀
    Beware of personal belongings, members should secure their valuables at all time, do not leave personal belongs in the lobby, lounge or changing room. Neverland Dance House Limited and tutors are not liable for any losses, stolen, or damaged personal items.

  12. 如遇任何意外以致身體損傷,Neverland Dance House Limited將不負任何法律責任
    LIABILITY DISCLAIMER – Neverland Dance House Limited as well as employees and teachers are not liable for personal injuries or loss of, or damage to personal property in Neverland Dance House. Each student may decline to participate in any activity. Please inform the teacher of any personal limitations you may have. If you have any doubt to your physical abilities, please consult with your doctor before participating.

  13. 在特殊情況下, Neverland Dance House Limited有權更換導師而不作個別通知, 請留意中心內張貼之通告
    In emergency circumstances, there will be no notify individual student when teachers become unavailable to teach their classes

  14. 惡劣天氣安排︰ 八號(或以上)颱風訊號及黑色暴雨警告懸掛時,所有課堂將會取消由八號改至三號(或以下)颱風訊號及黑色暴雨警告除下兩小時後,本中心將恢復運作
    Bad Weather Arrangement. All classes will be cancelled when Typhoon no. 8 or Black Rainstorm warning is hoisted. Classes will be conducted according to the Timetable 2 hours after Typhoon No. 8 is changed to No. 3 or withdrawn, or when Black Rainstorm Warning is withdrawn.

  15. 本舞室一般會於課堂、活動和演出中拍照或錄影以作紀錄,所拍/錄的相片或影像亦會作公開展示或宣傳用途,而相片或影像中團員的肖像權乃歸本團所有。若本舞室所選用的相片或影像涉及閣下的肖像,本舞室將不另行通知。

  16. Neverland Dance House Limited 為閣下提供最佳服務。我們尊重閣下的個人私隱,因此,我們在搜集、維護及使用個人資料時,保證遵守香港法例之個人資料(私隱)條例(第 486 章)的要求。有關本公司的私隱政策,請參閱私隱政策
    當neverland 會員購買課堂後,Neverland Dance House會不定期傳送宣傳電郵至閣下所提供之電郵地址。我們將提醒閣下neverland 的最新課堂、推廣優惠等資訊。閣下可隨時選擇不接收宣傳電郵,於宣傳電郵下方點擊「取消訂閱」連結即可。詳情請參閱私隱政策
    Neverland dance house would like to use your information to send you details of our latest promotions, services and events (including social events), as well as joint promotional campaigns with our partners which may be of interest to you and I have agreed to receive the promotion materials from neverland dance house. Members can unsubscribe eDM anytime by choosing the unsubscribe link in the email.