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Sat 3pm K1-2

Sun 10am K1-2

Sat 11am K1-2 (TW Studio)

Sun 11am K1-2 (TW Studio)

Wed 5pm K1-2

Wed 6pm K2-3

Sun 11am K2-3

Sat 12nn K2-3 (TW Studio)

Sun 12nn K2-3 (TW Studio)

Fri 6pm K2-3

Sat 11am K2-3

Sat 2pm K2-3




Sat 1pm Jazz Funk G1 (TW Studio)

Sun 1pm Jazz Funk G1

Sat 12nn Jazz Funk G1

Tue 5pm Hip Hop G1-2 (TW Studio)

Tue 6pm Hip Hop G2-3 (TW Studio)

Thu 5pm Hip Hop G1-2

Thu 6pm Hip Hop G2-3

Sat 2pm Jazz Funk G2-3 (TW Studio)

Sun 12nn Jazz Funk G2

Sat 4pm Jazz Funk G2

Sat 1pm Popping Kids

Sat 1pm Jazz Funk G3

Sat 2pm Jazz Funk G3

Sun 2pm Jazz Funk G3

Sat 11am Hip Hop G1

Sun 12nn Hip Hop G1

Sat 12nn Kpop Kids (TW Studio)

Sat 3pm Hip Hop G1-2 (TW Studio)
Sat 4pm Hip Hop G2-3 (TW Studio)

Sun 11am Hip Hop G2

Sat 12nn Hip Hop G2

Sun 5pm Kpop Kids (TW Studio)

Sat 1pm Hip Hop Adv.

Sun 1pm Hip Hop G3

Sat 2pm Hip Hop G3

Sat 4pm Hip Hop G3

Sat 4pm Kpop Kids

Sat 5pm Kpop Kids

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Team Photo-05.png
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Team Photo-25 -2.jpg
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