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HONG KONG Breakdance Kids

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educate, engage, and empower

Breaking academy from neverland kids academy was designed to track student’s skills and progress them from a Beginner Level to a Mastery Level. Our program provides indispensable tools that our students can use to achieve this!


The Breaking Program allows you to organize your vocabulary of moves and track your development. Students can test out of each level through our annual evaluation and joining different dance performane and competition to widen their horizon and building confidence of children. 

Learning is most effective when it is fun and interactive

Beginner level

Suitable for

6-14yrs old

Boys & Girls

Intermediate Level


Breaking is structured into different components that molds the entire dance. Students will learn, study and practice every component of Breaking, which includes:

Toprocks – Toprocks are danced from a standing position and refers to foot movements that rely upon a mixture of rhythm, skill and most importantly, style. Toprocks are the opening display of style which transitions into the more dynamic maneuvers of Breaking.

Go Downs – Go Downs, also called ‘Drops’, are movements used to transition from a standing position and executed in a creative way to ‘go down’ to the floor.

Footwork – Footwork moves are done on the ground which places emphasis on one’s foot movement and refers to aspects related to feet.

Freezes – A freeze is a technique that involves stopping your body on beat in an interesting or balanced position. The position is hit and held with no movement, as if freezing into ice.

Power – Power moves are dynamic and rely on speed, momentum, and the force of gravity. Powermoves are acrobatic, extreme and eye-catching.

Tricks – Tricks came from the evolution of Breaking and involves very dynamic, highly technical and creative moves. Tricks are advanced moves, also called ‘Blow Ups’.


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Breaking Academy

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